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Hey there!

My name is Nina. I am an aspiring cookbook author who breaks recipes in search of meals everyone can enjoy safely! I cook without grains, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, and usually without nuts.

When I tell people this, they always ask, “What’s left to use?” I confess, I use Unicorn Farts as my secret ingredient! Life is better when we laugh, right?

I may not use Unicorn Farts, but I am known for making some magic in the kitchen. I use simple ingredients, basic techniques, and ordinary equipment to get foods that look and taste like the original version–without the allergen!

How do I do this? By combining science, creativity, persistence, and a little luck! Recipes are meant to be broken!

When my allergies were first diagnosed in 2012, it took a while to figure things out and develop recipes which I could enjoy safely. The recipes I share on this website are tested by my friends, family, neighbors, and recipe testers. You’ll find they resemble typical foods in taste and texture. They are the kinds of foods your friends without allergies will enjoy too!

That’s my goal, no more making two of everything. No missing out on the foods we love and enjoy. We’re going to make foods that everyone can enjoy together! Come hang out with me, and let’s break some recipes!