Wouldn’t it be great if allergy friendly food were in restaurants, on grocery store shelves, and at every gathering?

If only every restaurant served allergen-friendly fare!

It certainly would be my dream come true…

I enjoy salads, but when they’re the only option, they don’t seem quite as interesting. By the time I take off the allergens, I get a bed of lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes for $25….

It seems like every menu item that isn’t a salad has an allergen, whether it’s listed, hidden, or hitches an unwelcome ride—hello cheese in the salad which I was assured would be dairy free…corn syrup in the tomato soup…chicken marinated in vinegar (made from grain).

If you’re reading this, then you probably know this tale well enough to write it yourself, complete with unwelcome symptoms which last far too long. So I’ll stop here before it becomes a “St. Olaf Story.”

Restaurants…have profit margins to maintain…and allergen friendly food doesn’t appeal to that…same with grocery stores and vendors…

Allergen-friendly chicken-cheddar-broccoli casserole!

But We Can Make Allergen Friendly Food That Tastes Real!!!

And it’s going to be a lot more affordable than the $25 salad. One of the major misconceptions is that eating allergen free food will break the bank….If you’re looking for prepackaged convenience foods, they will break the bank either way.

So let’s do this on a a budget. Not a billionaire’s budget…our budget!

Whenever I tell people this, they ask if I’m a Wizard, or what my secret ingredient is. I answer, “Unicorn Farts”. They look confused. Then I break it down:

Buying gluten free bread is at least $6 per loaf, grain free bread costs between $10 and $12 per loaf…and if you’ve got multiple allergies…you’re just out of luck…I can make my grain free sandwich bread for less than $4 per loaf and it tastes amazing! It can be made ahead, it freezes nicely, toasts up beautifully, and I throw the ends in the food processor and boom…free breadcrumbs!

No Grain, No dairy, No egg, No soy, No corn, No gluten. Just delicious bread!

So making grain- free allergen friendly bread is much more affordable than store bought.

What about the other ingredients?

Other than grain free bread, the most costly item at our house is dairy free cheese. I just checked Target and 7 ounces of dairy free cheese goes for $5 (71 cents per ounce).

Allergen-free grilled sandwich made with my grain free bread and dairy free cheese!

Have you noticed how store bought dairy free cheese doesn’t melt like traditional cheese? It also requires high temperatures and longer baking times to melt! We deserve better than that!

And we can make better for less! Break A Recipe’s Dairy Free Mozzarella costs about $8 to make and produces about 30 ounces of cheese. That’s 27 cents per ounce! Where’s the recipe?

Click Here for my Dairy-Free Mozzarella Recipe.

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Okay…what about eggs? Eggs are everywhere in traditional cooking…and finding a soy free egg replacer that works in every recipe…is right up there with the unicorn farts….

Open faced breakfast sandwich, no grain, no dairy, no eggs, gluten-free, soy- free, nut-free & Allergen Friendly!

I’ve got 2 options for you!!

When I make eggs for breakfast…I use my Just Like Eggs recipe.

Click Here for the egg-replacer I use when I bake.

if you’re looking for a an Allergen Friendly, Vegan Mayonnaise we’ve got that too! All of it is more budget friendly than buying pre-made shelf stable versions, and it’s ready in minutes!

So we have bread, cheese, what other allergen friendly recipes, are there? Click here for a full list.

Back to the budget concerns…what about ingredients:

The ingredients for this dairy free pizza cost about $25 and the recipe makes two 12 x15 pizzas!!! You’ll also have mozzarella left over to use in another recipe. You can’t even purchase two traditional pizzas this size for that money!

Why Make a Recipe, When You Can Break A Recipe? Let’s Get Cooking!

Click here to get the recipe for this delicious Grain-Free Pizza

What’s Next?

  • Dairy Free Mozzarella
  • Allergen-Friendly Pizza (No grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts or soy)
  • Savory Garlic And Herb Bread
  • Bruschetta / Crostini/ Hot Canapés

How hard is it to make this stuff?

  • Can you bring a pot of water to a boil?
  • Can you operate an electric mixer?
  • Can you can you use a measuring spoon?
  • Can you operate a timer?

You Can Break Recipes!

Are You Ready?

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