Keeping the cupboard stocked with Grain-Free Ingredients, convenience foods, and snacks can be overwhelming!

What are grains? Which Ingredients are made from grains? Where can you find these mythical foods made without them?

Grain-Free Foods exist and here in today’s blog post, we’re going to focus on helping you stock your pantry with Grain-Free Ingredients for cooking, baking, and snacking.

Today’s magic phrase is Simple Swaps!…say it with me…we are going to make Simple Swaps to stock our Grain-Free Pantry!

Some of my favorite Grain-Free Baking Ingredients


How can we possibly do this?

Because this is Break A Recipe and that’s what we do here! We make the impossible possible!

Today, we’re going to focus on Simple Swaps for Stocking your Grain-Free pantry.

Welcome to Break A Recipe!

My name is Nina. I’m a food nerd who cooks and bakes without Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Corn, Almond, Cashew, Peanut, Sesame, or other foods.

Just thinking about living without these foods is overwhelming.

I often get asked, What’s left to cook with?

My favorite response is Unicorn Farts! Because the world needs more laughter.

The truth is that I use simple ingredients like chickpea, tapioca, and coconut, to recreate the foods I’m craving.

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Some people think it might be easier for me to just stick with foods that are naturally Grain-Free.

Can’t you just eat proteins and veggies?

Sure, I could! I could also renounce all Earthly pleasures, join the convent, and expedite the suffering process.

But neither are going to happen!!

I refuse to settle for salad, and you don’t have to either!! So let’s get back to stocking your pantry with simple swaps for Grain-Free Ingredients, Convenience Foods, and Snacks!!

But First, The Bad News About Being Grain-Free—Your New Hobby Is Label Reading…

Okay, it’s not my favorite hobby, but it is a necessary skill…

The best advice I can give you is read every label, every time you buy. You would be amazed how often a new ingredient will sneak in to a food you’ve been enjoying forever!

Beware the terms “natural flavors” and “artificial flavors”. Worse than “mystery meat” these ingredients can literally be derived from anything…how it’s safe, I do not understand. But it’s part of our reality when it comes to avoiding Grains.

And Now For the Simple Swaps!

The links below will take you to Grain-Free Foods that will add flavor back to your table and give you that “I’m eating normal food” vibe.

It’s great to know that we can stock our pantry with Grain-Free Ingredients!

Chickpea Pasta

Made with chickpeas, red lentil, and yellow lentil this Grain-Free pasta is delicious. I always cook it a minute or two less than the package calls for.

And they have lasagna noodles--they taste and behave like regular pasta!!

Grain-Free Crackers—I’ve heard great things about these! They contain nuts, so make sure to read the ingredients so that they are safe for you.

Lara Bars –These are a favorite for tossing in my bag when I’m on the go!

Not all Lara bars are grain free. Some contain rice syrup, however those in this pack are some I enjoy!

These Coconut Cookies Are Always In My Drawer At Work!!

They have a rich chocolate bottom with a sweet coconut that tastes real. When your teeth sink in it instantly becomes your favorite (store bought) cookie!

Ocho Coconut Candy Is Heavenly When Chilled

They make me feel like I’m not missing out! One is just enough…but be careful or the whole bag will leap right into your mouth!

Jo-Jo’s Chocolate

These hit the spot and the Hawaiian variety is keto–you may find several empty bags in my drawer at work!!

Grain-Free Cereals Exist!!

With lots of options this cereal is similar to oatmeal!

Epic Bone Broth is the only broth I’ve found that doesn’t include unnamed “spices” or “natural flavors”

Grain-Free Bread

Not everyone wants to bake. It’s great that there are Grain-Free Options available. If you try this let me know how it goes!

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Grain-Free cookbook

Ingredients which almost always NOT Grain-Free —

White Vinegar

Modified Food Starch

Citric Acid


Baking Powder

And the list goes on!

Don’t Panic! I’ve been at this for almost 11 years..I learned a lot on my own and by accidentally exposing myself to grains. I dealt with the inflammation, mood fluctuation , joint pain, digestive discomfort, and other side effects. And I problem solved my way through it. Researching, reading, and listening to my bod.

Shopping for Grain-Free Ingredients is enough to spike anyone’s anxiety. But you can do this, and you don’t have to do it alone.

If you would like to learn more about avoiding grains and enjoying the benefits a Grain-Free Diet can bring. Click here to schedule a free discovery call, so we can talk more about how I can support you on your Grain-Free journey.

This journey is easier with foodie friends. I’m thankful to call you mine.

Some Of The Strangest Foods I’ve Found Containing Grains!

  • Deli Meat!
  • Chocolate
  • Yogurt
  • Sauces
  • Dairy-Free Cheese
  • Soups
  • Seasoning Blends
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup, Mustard, Barbecue sauce,
  • Salad Dressings

Before You Go…

Thank you for reading, you’ll find these ingredients hit the spot and your body will feel much better after eating them. If you’re kind enough to share, you will find your gluten-and grain loving friends going for seconds!

If you’re cooking for someone with allergies, thank you again for supporting them. You’re an amazing friend. Pin this so you can share it with those who need it, and find it later!

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Wishing You Safe & Delicious Foods, ❤️ Nina