Grain-Free Cooking For Beginners!

Simple Indulgent Grain-Free Recipes

A  3 Week Program

For Beginning Cooks

Who Want To Enjoy

Indulgent Grain-Free Foods!

Are You Sick & Tired Of Feeling…

✨Exhausted over the amount of work required to prepare one meal?

✨Limited to a few safe foods?

✨Overwhelmed with reading labels? 

✨Confused by recipes with unidentifiable ingredients and unfamiliar techniques?

✨ Disappointed by the limited options available?

✨Excluded as you watch others enjoy indulgent foods that would make you sick?  

✨Uncomfortable after every meal?


Do You Ever Sit Back And Wonder…

How Incredible it would be to enjoy your favorite foods without grains?

✨How Freeing it would be to prepare one meal everyone could enjoy together?

How Satisfying it would be to enjoy comfort foods safely? 

To Get There You Need To

  • Understand which ingredients are truly Grain-Free.

  • Learn to prepare delicious Grain- Free foods that promote the health and vitality of your body.  

  • The help and support of someone who’s already done it. 


The Reality Is

You’re eating foods that may be the cause of poor energy and digestive discomfort.

✨Foods labeled as healthy are often creating problems in disguise.  The labels Diet, Low-Fat, Lean, Low Sugar, often come with Grain-Based Ingredients.


✨Switching to a Gluten-Free diet didn’t give you the results you were hoping for.   

✨Gluten-Free Foods contain inflammatory ingredients which aggravate arthritis, IBS,  and other inflammatory conditions.  

✨Gluten isn’t the only cause of inflammation. Grains like Rice, Corn, Oats, Barley, Sorghum, Spelt, and Amaranth, can be more inflammatory than Gluten!    

✨Inflammation in the body affects joint pain, brain-fog, fatigue, and low mood are affected by the foods we eat. 


Grain-Free Cooking

For Beginners


A 3 Week Program For

New Cooks & Novice Chefs

Ready to Add Indulgent Grain-Free Foods To Their Menu

This is not your traditional cooking class. where you watch the cook prepare a recipe, that you have to modify to your dietary needs.  No Way! 

You know me!  I’m all about sharing Indulgent Grain-Free Recipes.  And that is Exactly what we are going to prepare in this course. 

This is a Hybrid✨ Cooking Class  & CoachingProgram✨  

Where Clients Receive Individualized Support!

What is Grain-Free Cooking For Beginners?

Grain-Free Cooking for Beginners is a 3 week Hybrid Cooking Class & Coaching Program designed for Beginning Cooks or Cooks who are Ready to level up their game by adding Indulgent Grain-Free Foods to their menu.     

How Does Grain-Free Cooking For Beginners Work?

Know you have a passion for delicious foods. I’ve created this 3 week Hybrid ✨Cooking Class & Coaching Program✨ to help Novice Chefs & Beginning Cooks like you enjoy Indulgent Grain-Free Foods with the appearance, texture, and taste of traditional foods!  

What Can I Expect to Accomplish As A Beta Student?

As a result of enrolling as a Beta Student, you can expect to master the following essentials of Grain-Free cooking:

✨Confidently preparing a Grain-Free Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

✨Balancing flavors to mimc grain-based  ingredients.  

✨Seasoning meals  without inflammatory ingredients.  

What’s Included in Grain-Free Cooking For Beginners?

I am committed 100% to providing every client with one on one support along with group cooking classes, tailored to help you develop essential skills to prepare Grain-Free Recipes.  As a beta client, you are guaranteed a weekly group cooking class, and a weekly one on one coaching call.  That is 6 calls over a 3 week period.  You will also receive the course packet with recipes, and essential tips for Grain-Free Cooking!  

 How Many People Will Be In The Beta Round?

I am committed to serving as many people as possible, but the beta program is capped at a total of 5 clients during the beta round. Space is extremely limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.   

How Long Is The Grain-Free Cooking For Beginners Beta Program?

The Grain-Free Cooking For Beginners Program is a 3 week commitment.  As a client, you will be fully supported from day one throughout the program and beyond.  

How Do I Sign Up For The Grain-Free Cooking For Beginners Program?

At this time, Grain-Free Cooking For Beginners is available by invite only. If you are reading this page, it means that you have been pre-screened and are invited to schedule a time on my calendar to discuss the program in more detail. Remember, securing an interview does not guarantee that you’ll be accepted and spots are limited.

What is the investment for the beta round?

The investment for the beta launch of the program is only is only a fraction of what I will be charging when I run it again.

Here’s How it Works…

I’ll provide you with the EXACT SAME Indulgent Grain-Free Recipes  that I’ve developed for my family.  These are the recipes my friends and family request again and again.  

I’ll teach you what you need to know to quickly prepare Indulgent Grain-Free Foods on a weeknight.


Are you ready to simplify the cooking and enhance the nutritional quality of your meals?

I’ll walk with you every step of the way because I’ve been where you are!

If I can overcome an allergy to Grains, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Corn, Almond, Cashew, Sesame, and other foods all while enjoying Indulgent Grain-Free Foods, you can, too! Trust me on this one!


Meet Nina Jackson

Nina Jackson is a self-taught Grain-Free chef and food blogger.   

When she was diagnosed with allergies to grains and other foods in 2012, she began Breaking Recipes  in search of  Indulgent Grain-Free Recipes without ✨Dairy ✨Egg

Soy CornAlmondCashew

Sesame or Peanut.  

She is the author of  7  Simple Grain-Free Recipes, and The 27 Best Grain-Free Recipes.

Her recipes have the appearance, texture, and flavor of traditional foods.  No one notices the missing ingredients as they safely enjoy Indulgent Grain-Free foods without ✨dairy, ✨egg, ✨soy, ✨corn, ✨almond, ✨sesame.  

Nina has a passion sharing these recipes,  because everyone deserves to eat safely.  No one should miss out on the delicious flavors of life.  Everyone deserves pizza and cake on their birthday!  

Together We Will

✨Explore various Grain-Free Ingredients and their functions in recipes.

✨Discuss your individual concerns regarding Grain-Free  cooking.

✨Show you how to adjust the recipes provided to suit your tastes.

✨Review how the recipes turn out for you.  

✨Develop  your confidence as a Grain-Free Cook.

I Know You Can Do This 

This program gives beginning and experienced cooks the essential techniques and the foundational skills they need to be successful when cooking without grains.


Grain-Free Cooking

For Beginners


This is Not just another Cooking  Class. 

It’s not your typical DIY cookie-cutter cooking class where you’re left to just watch a video on your own without any personal attention and direct access to me. (NOPE)


You don’t have to suffer alone another minute!

It’s Time To Invest In Yourself

Your Health

Make the commitment TODAY to enroll in this AMAZING and SUPER AFFORDABLE Cooking & Coaching Program you’ll receive: 

  • Weekly Group Cooking Classes
  • Individual LIVE Coaching Calls Every Week
  • Course Packet Including Recipes & Exclusive Grain-Free Cooking Tips 

REMEMBER: I’m personally interviewing each person who applies as I want this to be an epic experience for EVERYONE!

This Program Is For You If

You want Indulgent Grain-Free foods to be a part of your menu.

✅ You’re fed up with options currently available to you.

✅ You want to enjoy foods with the appearance, texture, and flavor of traditional foods without grains.  

✅ You want to simplify your cooking by preparing one meal everyone can enjoy together. 

✅ You are passionate about preparing delicious healthy foods. 

✅ You are ready for true and long-lasting positive changes even if you are a bit nervous and overwhelmed… 

You can boil water, use an electric mixer, and an oven.   

After a a decade of teaching myself, family members, and friends to cook without allergens,  I commit to going the extra mile for YOU!

I truly want to empower you to be a successful Grain-Free cook! During our 3 weeks together,  you’ll receive individualized coaching support as well as group cooking classes, to practice and perfect your new skills.

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