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Breaking New Recipes

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Thanks for reading my online journal “Grain-Free Bites” where I share insights about the day to day details of Grain-Free Living, one bite at a time!

Because this is my journal, I’ll be sharing experiences that brought me to the Grain-Free Lifestyle and giving you some behind the scenes info!

Sometimes I think I was born tired. I know I wasn’t, however getting up at 5:30 am and leaving the house by 20 after 7, has me felling tired more often than I’d like.

At our house, we have lots of routines that help me get up and out on time, even when I’d rather stay under the covers. I get my lunch together the night before and choose what I’ll wear the next day…and my wonderful husband hustles me out so he can get some peace and quiet once I’m out the door!

It’s true that routines are boring, but they make it possible to get up and out when I just don’t wanna.

This week, I get a break from all that! It’s school vacation and I’ve turned off my alarms! I’m spring cleaning the house, and working on learning new things about blogging. Of course I’m breaking new recipes!

Check out my Grain-Free Sourdough Starter below!

Just as I’m often tired…I’m quite curious…and after months of researching I feel ready to explore Grain-Free Sourdough Bread! More about that below.

When I was little, we’d often go to my Nana’s house for dinner and Nana made tuna casserole. As a young woman I learned to bake Nana’s tuna casserole. When I had to go Grain-Free tuna casserole was off the menu, not just because of the pasta but because of the hidden grains in the condensed soups!

I haven’t made my tuna casserole in at least 6 months. We needed something new to freshen up our menu. Each week I roast chickens, make a soup, roast some veggies, and then we have a few different recipes that we alternate in and out of our menu.

We enjoyed the tuna casserole so much, we had it two nights in a row!

I’m working on a Grain-Free Sour Dough Starter! You should see it bubble! As I write this blog post, I’m on Day 4 of a 7-10 day starter.

After researching the recipe for months, I’ve made some adjustments to the original.

First— because I am battling candida, this bread must be yeast-free! Which can be problematic because Grain-Free Flours are heavy and don’t always work with Sourdough recipes.

Several friends have told me they’ve tried Grain-Free Sourdough recipes and failed. But hey, this is Break A Recipe, and we make the impossible possible.

On Sunday, I taught my All Access VIPs to make Grain-Free Pancakes without gluten, grain, dairy, egg, soy, corn, almond, cashew, peanut sesame, or nightshade! These fluffy pancakes make me forget that I’m avoiding grains.

They’re a favorite for breakfast for dinner, brunch, or any other time you just gotta have pancakes!

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Wishing you a delicious week ahead!

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I’m on a mission to help you pack your Grain-Free Lifestyle with flavor and variety!

Breaking Recipes, teaching cooking classes and helping Grain-Free VIPs simplify and organize their Grain-Free Lifestyle is my passion!

My Grain-Free VIPs learn to Break Their Family Recipes so that they can once again enjoy them without grains and other allergens!

When we start working together, I teach them about Grain-Free Ingredients and how they work together to create recipes with the appearance flavor, and texture of the foods they’re craving! I’m always impressed with how my VIPs break their favorite family recipes so that they can enjoy them safely!

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If you’re ready to save time, become a confident Grain-Free Cook, and ease the anxiety of transitioning to the Grain-Free Lifestyle, then I would love to connect with you!

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