Enjoying a Grain-Free Holiday? Sounds impossible, right?

It’s even more impossible if you’re avoiding other allergens or inflammatory foods such as: dairy; egg; soy; corn; almond; cashew; peanut; or sesame. When you consider that list,there’s almost nothing left to eat!

Unless you Break The Recipe! If you’re looking for a holiday menu loaded with rich foods, without t grain, dairy, egg, soy, corn, almond, cashew, peanut, sesame, and low in sugar, then you’re in the right place!!

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My name is Nina, I’m a Grain-Free Lifestyle Coach & Food Nerd!

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I’ve been living without Grains, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, almond, and other allergens since 2012.

When people ask how I can cook and bake without these ingredients, I always tell them,

My secret ingredient is Unicorn Farts!

It’s My Mission To Help You Simplify & Organize

Your Grain-Free Lifestyle!

I remember how much I struggled when I was new to the Grain-Free Lifestyle in 2012. I also remember how wonderful it was to have Grain-Free cookies that Christmas. Those cookies made me feel normal.

To help you simplify and organize your Grain—Free Lifestyle, I’d like to give you a copy of my cookbook 7 Simple Grain-Free Recipes.

Inside you’ll find recipes for fast mac’n cheese, pizza, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies that get rave reviews! While the recipes are simple, they give you the feeling that you aren’t missing out. They’re some of my favorite recipes for sharing.

How Can We Enjoy A Grain-Free Holiday?

Arranging a Grain-Free Holiday, takes some planning, but it’s worth it. Regardless of the holiday, I’m able to have most traditional foods, including rolls, soups, apps, stuffing, mac’n cheese, roasted turkey, gravy, candied vegetables, squash, even a nightshade-free version of mashed potatoes, which I call no-tato mash!

  1. Inform your host of your allergies and the foods you are avoiding.
  2. Inquire about the menu. Identify which recipes you can enjoy safely.
  3. Offer to bring a safe food to share with everyone.
  4. Decide which foods will make the holiday celebration special for you.
  5. Make a plan to prepare your safe foods ahead of time
  6. Keep your foods safe from cross contamination during the celebration.

Sounds Simple, Right? Let’s Break It Down!

Contacting your host before the holiday, is the first step having an amazing Grain-Free holiday! When I do this, I thank my host for the invitation, and explain my allergies. I also talk about my safe foods, and how I certainly don’t expect my host to create a whole meal to accommodate my dietary needs. If my host knows me, they may have already been wondering how we’re going to make this work. They’re relieved to know that I have a plan which won’t interfere with their meal.

If I’m lucky, my host is willing to make a vegetable dish and or a salad without my allergens. There might even be a way to set aside an allergen friendly version of a dish—-like candied carrots—which I can season with ingredients that are safe for me. If I’m truly lucky there will be a meat or a fish dish which I can enjoy safely.

No one should have to prepare an entire holiday meal on their own. Taking a dish off the to do-list will help your host. Other guests may ask why you are abstain from certain foods or why you’ve brought some of you own food. Sharing a Grain-Free food with other guests is a way to invite others to experience how delicious The Grain-Free Lifestyle can be.

If you’re looking for a dessert to share, I recommend my Grain-Free Brownies or Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’re easy to prepare and they’re always a hit with the Grain-Free and Grain Lovers alike!

Once you’ve learned about the menu, it’s time to decide which foods will be part of your celebration. If you love rolls, make sure to bring some that you can enjoy safely. The worst possible thing is watching others enjoy your favorite dishes while you have nothing similar to enjoy.

If you’re just starting your Grain-Free journey, you may not have built up a Grain-Free Recipe Box stocked with alternative versions of your favorite recipes. In my Grain-Free Recipe Box, you’ll find recipes for stuffing, rolls, cookies, cakes, squash, and even Grain-Free Pumpkin Pie!

Make sure you have options you will truly enjoy for every course. That way you’ll be able to eat and enjoy along with the other guests instead of watching them eat!

Once you’ve worked with your host, and decided which foods you’d like to enjoy, it’s time to plan your cooking! Foods like soup can be made weeks ahead of time and frozen. Thaw them the day before and you’re good to go! Breads are also easy to prepare ahead of time. Breads like my Grain-Free Garlic Bread, and Marvelous Mini-Loaves make great appetizers!

It’s the big day, you’ve planned your menu with the host, prepared foods you’ll enjoy ahead of time, now all you need to do is enjoy them. If you’ve been exposed to grains or allergens before, you know how a small amount of grains or allergens can leave you in agony for days.

While others mean well, cross contamination is a risk and it can be avoided!

Serving yourself before the other guests may seem a bit rash, but doing so ensures you’ll avoid any crumbs or serving utensils which may contain allergens.

Keeping your food separate from the rest of the meal is another way to avoid cross contamination.

A Slice Of The Grain-Free Lifestyle

If you’re feeling overwhelmed as you read this…breathe. You’re preparing for quite the challenge. And while it seems impossible, I assure you it isn’t!

I’ve been through almost every scenario, from holidays where I had almost nothing to eat, to holidays where I ate at home and joined friends and family for dessert later in the day, to a whole Christmas Eve Feast that’s completely Grain-Free!

It’s always easier when there are supportive people at the table. One year, no one knew what to make for me, so they said, “Nina bring whatever you’d like to bring. Just make sure there’s enough for everyone to try some.” I walked in the house with a whole Grain-Free Thanksgiving dinner—perhaps that wasn’t the best idea, but I wasn’t going to miss out!

I hope this blogpost helps you have an easier holiday. If you need anything, you can always reach out to me. As your Grain-Free Lifestyle Coach, I’m here to help you add flavor and variety to your Grain-Free Table!

I’m on a mission to help you pack your Grain-Free Lifestyle with flavor and variety!

Breaking Recipes, teaching cooking classes and helping Grain-Free VIPs simplify and organize their Grain-Free Lifestyle is my passion!

My Grain-Free VIPs learn to Break Their Family Recipes so that they can once again enjoy them without grains and other allergens!

When we start working together, I teach them about Grain-Free Ingredients and how they work together to create recipes with the appearance flavor, and texture of the foods they’re craving! I’m always impressed with how my VIPs break their favorite family recipes so that they can enjoy them safely!

If you’re ready to add flavor and variety back to your table, use the link below so that we can connect.

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